Welcome to Release Therapies,
my place to offer you, through the gentle techniques of Awareness Through Movement ®, and Functional Integration®, (which make up the Feldenkrais Method ®), a possible way to help you journey from pain, stiffness or discomfort, or just a sense that more ease and balance is possible for you, to a more at-peace experience of your body, where the natural up-lift of your more harmonious nature can move you forward in life, more as you would like to experience.

I live and practice in Raglan.

So that people can afford to come, in these difficult times, I keep my fee lower than most, $60, for sessions up to one hour.

Much has been written about the methods I have used in over 15 years of practice, but because every session is different, depending on how we can best combine your starting place and strengths, with my training and experience, it is best to come and try a session, if you feel drawn to do so, to get an appreciation of what we might be able to achieve together.

I have helped many who experienced
body pain, from injury, repetitive use, or just "life" or "stress".

It is often the unseen emotional, mental or even spiritual aspects of ourselves that are holding "physical" tension patterns, and also stop our inner knowing from guiding us out of our predicament.

It is a goal of mine for every session, that we both connect with that inner wisdom, so that the changes we make can hold better, and you can move forward more freely in your life.

I look forward to your enquiry.


Craig Love, Release Therapies - Trained in Flinchlock Release Therapy® & Feldenkrais® Movement Coaching


For appointments please call Craig Love

Mobile: 0226 559 449
Email: zn.ten.esaeler@giarc