Freedom from Pain is our Goal

Release Therapies - Trained in Flinchlock Release Therapy® & Feldenkrais® Movement Coaching

Trained in Flinchlock Release Therapy® & Feldenkrais® Movement Coaching

  • Heal repetitive strains
  • Release unexplained body pain
  • Clear energy blockages
  • Pre/post operative support
  • Re-balancing from life's injuries
  • Help with back pain, headaches, whiplash, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis and many other common ailments

Together we can foritfy your inner and outer balance, protecting you from life's everyday stresses, and possible injury.

The attentions of heart and mind often affect the physical body, sometimes creating imbalance and pain. The pressures of life can at times lead to injury.
My training focuses on releasing pain and blockages within the physical body, yet one's spirit matter always benefits from such release, for there cannot be one without the other.

As we All journey to greater mindfulness towards one another, as we work to save this Planet, all things worthwhile will manifest.

Honouring the Majestic Spirit of the Horse

Release Therapies - Trained in Flinchlock Release Therapy® Developed to serve Horse & Rider

Trained in Flinchlock Release Therapy® Developed to serve Horse & Rider

  • Continuity with your Horse
  • Building greater trust
  • Listening more with your heart
  • Memory release of past traumas

Within the deeper mindfulness toward the majestic power of the Horse, in such dignity, heartfelt rewards come naturally.

Bountiful are the connections, we, the human have with the Horse Kingdom, but if you wish to truly belong to the Inner voice of your own heart, aligning more fly wit your horse, my work within the circumference of these energies, focuses not just on relieving pain from injury for the horse, or the release of past traumas and those related energy blockages, we can together, improve the quality of your connection, with the Release Therapy Techniques I am trained in, and further empower the spirit of both Horse and Rider to be in greater unison with one another.


Every life story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but we, here on Planet Earth, have the opportunity to make our story a better one, and if we are prepared to accept that we are not a finished product, and we rise in Hope, believing that we can heal our physical pains, wherever possible, and transform our mental or emotional stuckness from those more unpleasant states of being, we can, over time, make these transformations a reality.

I, Craig Love, offer you the time and the investment, to relieve you of your pain and suffering, especially where it is housed in the physical body, and I offer this service to the best of my abilities.

Invoke the potential you can become, for in your heart of hearts you can become your brighter self, if you are able to embrace and set free your not-so-bright self. As you invite help for some of the steeper parts of your climb to meet your higher self, then progress is more likely.

I have been fortunate to have had Teachers of all kinds, but the heart of my training belongs to ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Therapy®, but I do combine all techniques I have learnt and offer this service as I now may, for the release of the locks, blocks and past misadventures that express as pain, dysfunction or a general lack of ease in the body, but also where applicable certain release is obtained within the mental and emotional levels, as so often in life all aspects of our being work as part of the whole.

I also offer a specialised service for Horse and Rider, for both can come to the partnership with stories of past hurts or injury, or, you are just needing to build a greater connection to the majestic power of your equine companion.

If the chapters we write for our lives in the future are to take on a more fruitful and enjoyable direction, filled with a greater balance of heart, mind and spirit, then it maybe of benefit to allow another, such as myself, to support, or give some fresh insight as to how to free the limitations of your own imbalances, and to simply relieve you of the physical pain within your body.

I make no claim prior to connecting with you, what is the correct way to assist you, but what I can do, is offer the full extent of my training, and together, we find the way forward, out of the pain you are experiencing, as I apply the therapies I am trained and certified to do, which are as follows:

  • ConTact C.A.R.E Flinchlock Release Therapy®
  • Feldenkrais® Method of Movement Coaching
  • and where helpful, NLP techniques

Combining the above therapies helps you to find your map to relief of your symptoms, that you may go forth to your next chapter, and Hope Springs Eternal that there maybe a brighter you to pen your story.

My clinic is in Parau, just 10 minutes from Titirangi and I travel to paddocks all over!
My consultation fee is $60 for Humans, and for Horse and Rider, depending if I am working with both, does not usually exceed $130.

I welcome all enquiries.

If payment is unaffordable, yet your heart believes I may be of assistance, then please know I welcome your interest and certain arrangements can be made.

Thanking you

Craig Love, Release Therapies - Trained in Flinchlock Release Therapy® & Feldenkrais® Movement Coaching


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